Why We Should All Try an Intimate Couple’s Massage at Least Once

Are you in a long-term relationship or just getting to know your new partner? Are you looking for an incredible and sensual shared experience that will bring you and your loved one closer, boost your intimacy and increase your trust?

Whether you want to reignite the spark in your relationship or are just looking for something a little different to do on date night, look no further than a couple’s massage with one of UK Massage Guide’s expert masseuses.

A couples massage is far more than your average massage. Not only does it soothe aching limbs, melt away stresses and leave your skin glowing, but under the trained fingers of our gorgeous masseuses, you and your partner will also be drawn closer together. A couple’s sensual massage is an intimacy-boosting ritual that’s designed to tease, titillate and leave you both feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and sexually awakened.

Here are our top four reasons why every couple should experience an intimate couple’s massage at least once in their lives.

1. For the Novelty

You’ve done the lavish dinners, you’ve met the family, and you’ve planned fabulous weekends away, but now you’re out of ideas. Even the most romantic of us can struggle to come up with new and exciting ways to romance our loved ones. After the millionth dinner or the thousandth gift, you can end up feeling like you’re just going through the motions, and over time that initial excitement and passion starts to fizzle out.

Research shows that novelty works like a fire-cracker for relationships. It turns out that when we engage in something just a little bit different, our brains release the feel-good chemical serotonin — the same hormone that floods our brains when we first fall in love. By simply stepping out of your comfort zone, you can experience your relationship like you did at the beginning, with the weak knees, sweaty palms and unquenchable desire of it all.

A couples massage is unique and novel, and unlike anything you or your partner has ever experienced before. We promise that you’ll both leave feeling like love-struck teenagers in the whirl of first-time passion!

2. For Improved Intimacy

Intimacy is integral to relationships — it’s that wonderful feeling of feeling completely secure with your partner, even when you’re at your most vulnerable. It’s that spark of magic that makes you feel loved and cared for with or without physical closeness. The only problem? It can be hard to foster. Intimacy is carefully cultivated through shared moments and private memories that bind you and your partner together — and there’s just no way to fake that.

Finding “quality time” for your partner can be difficult. Even when we have set aside a little segment of time for them, work emails and social media often cause our minds to wander. With a couple’s massage, you enter into a space free of distraction — that means no phones, no kids and no household chores — it’s just you, your partner, some candles, oils, and a skilled masseuse, trained in the art of intimacy.

3. For the Body Confidence

How comfortable are you with your body, and how comfortable is your partner with theirs? Sadly, many of us struggle with our body confidence, and however many times our partners swear that we’re beautiful, it just isn’t quite enough for us to convince ourselves. It’s not surprising — between Instagram feeds, Facebook walls and glossy magazines that bombard us with images of people who have better skin, better bodies and seemingly better lives than us, we can end up feeling self-conscious and embarrassed by our bodies, which makes us nervous about getting naked.

A couple’s massage provides a safe space where you can explore your and your partner's body. With the gentle guidance of the masseuse, both you and your partner will be eased into a sense of safety and security where you can open yourself up to the pleasures of massage without fear. Gradually, you will both let go of any anxieties and insecurities and feel the deep joy of taking pleasure in your body.

4. For the Sexual Excitement

What could be more thrilling than watching a beautiful woman stroke and stimulate your partner? As the masseuse masterfully teases your partner’s pleasure points, areas of stimulation and erotic erogenous zones, their pleasure will radiate out and drive you wild.

The best part? Not only will the thrill prime you for some seriously hot sex, but the benefits will be felt long after in your sex life. An intimate massage is a deeply corporeal experience that will help you to understand both your own and your partner’s body — and the better you both understand your bodies, the better equipped you are to please and pleasure each other.

A couples massage is a deeply erotic, sensual and unforgettable experience. Browse our collection of beautiful couple’s masseuses and reignite your spark!