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UK Massage Guide makes finding your perfect sensual massage experience easier than ever. Our nation-wide directory is the most comprehensive one available, covering fifty-three locations across the UK, with eighteen locations in London alone.

Whether you’re a masseuse looking to expand your business or a client looking for an intensely sensual and deeply erotic massage, UK Massage Guide is the place for you. Our trustworthy website is designed with your ease and safety in mind so you can find what you want quickly. But it doesn’t stop there. UK Massage Guide not only has an unrivalled selection of massage services and a broad selection of clients, but we also offer unique social networking opportunities and review forums to help you get the most out of your sensual massages. Here in our User Guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about making UK Massage Guide work for you.

For Massage Therapists

Are you a masseuse looking to build your business online? Do you want to gain more exposure, secure more bookings, earn more money and connect with a range of other masseuses and clients? UK Massage Guide has you covered. We’re a directory with a difference, committed to ensuring that all our masseuses benefit from our fabulous extra features. Our platform offers a range of different services and options for massage therapists that are designed to boost your visibility and enhance your career.

We know that massage professionals lead very busy lives, so we’ve streamlined our services to be easy to use, provide immediate listings and give you the option to continually expand and edit your profile.

Create a Free Profile in Two Minutes

Sign up with UK Massage Guide today in just two minutes. Once you’ve registered your account, your profile will be listed in our search immediately so you can start building your business with UK Massage Guide straight away. Simple, quick and hassle-free.

When you sign up as a free advertiser, you can:

  • View adverts, star ratings, profile pages and the first lines of reviews and Group pages
  • Check out what’s new in the Newsfeed and Main forum
  • Utilise the massage search option and gain badges.

Edit Your Profile and Highlight Your Unique Charms

Once you’ve set up your free profile, take five minutes to tell the community a little more about yourself using the “edit profile” feature. Our community of eager sensual massage enthusiasts are keen to meet you, and the more information you provide the better your chances will be of snagging new clients and improving your visibility.

You might want to include what types of massage you offer. Are you a pro in the sensual arts of body-to-body massage? Have you mastered the magic touch of tantric massage? Whatever your interests or experiences, be sure to get them down in your profile.


You might also want to add in some recent pictures of you and tell us where you’re from, what languages you speak, and what makes you special. The more information the better!

Did you forget something? No problem, you can edit your profile whenever and as much as you want.

Invest in Paid Advertising Opportunities

To gain access to all areas of our community, expand your client base and boost your visibility across the directory, invest in our paid advertising opportunities. Whether you’re looking to boost your profile for one day or are eager to get a secure place on our main search pages, we have a range of advertising options available to help you achieve your goals.

Get Immediate Exposure in Just Three Minutes

Our “Advertise Daily” option is a firm favourite amongst new UK Massage Guide professionals and well-established ones alike. Designed to give you an instant boost of exposure for times when you need it, it only takes three minutes and couldn’t be easier.

Head to our Advertise page, select “Available Today” and follow the payment steps. And just like that, you’re done. Your advert will go live immediately and run until 9 am the following day.

Play the Long Game and Advertise Monthly

To get the most out of our vast directory, advertise monthly. With a setup time of only three minutes and months of exposure available, it’s an easy and quick way to take your profile to the next level.

Simply select which advert slot you want to purchase — this might be on the homepage or on any of our massage search pages — and pick your package. You can find more information about all of our advertising packages on our Advertise page. Once you’ve decided where and how you’d like to advertise, follow the payment steps, and the advert will appear instantly.

Get Connected with Others

Connecting with clients and other masseuses is a great way of expanding your exposure and sourcing new clients. That’s why here at UK Massage Guide, we’ve created social networking platforms and forums that offer spaces to connect with a broader range of massage enthusiast.

As a free advertising masseuse you can:

  • Add friends
  • Private message
  • Use the newsfeed
  • Post in the general forum
  • Get reviewed and review your reviews
  • Join groups
  • Gain badges

As a paid advertising masseuse, you have a supercharged level of connection and can do all of the above and:

  • Post in massage providers only forum
  • Create groups
  • Review client
  • Improve presence across the forum through advertising

We recommend exploring all of these channels of communication to get the most out of UK Massage Guide.

For Members

Are you looking for a sensual experience like no other? Do you want to indulge in a titillating and revitalising sensual massage with a gorgeous masseuse? Finding your perfect massage is easier than ever with UK Massage Guide.

Our directory allows you to search for a massage therapist and view their profiles without signing up, so you can get what you need quickly and easily. But to really get the most out of our sensual massage services, sign up as a member today.

We have two different types of membership available for clients — free membership and paid membership — so what are you waiting for? Sign up today and immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of sensual massage.

Sign up for Free Membership in Two Minutes

UK Massage Guide’s free members have access to a community of massage enthusiasts and beautiful masseuses, so sign up today in just two minutes.

As a free member, you’ll be able to view all of the stunning masseuse profiles, search by location and massage type, view review star rating, the newsfeed and main forum posts.

Access All Areas with Paid Membership

Our paid Access All Areas Membership is a great choice for anyone looking to delve deeper into the tantalizing world of sensual massage. As a full member, you’ll have unrestricted access to all areas and be able to see extra images and information about all our gorgeous masseuses. You can opt to be reviewed by the masseuses so that you can jump the queue when booking or communicating online. There’s a whole host of other benefits and you’ll be able to:

  • Send and receive friend requests
  • Chat in our forum
  • Join and create groups
  • Post in our newsfeed

Sign up today to become a fully-fledged member of an exciting community of sensual massage enthusiasts.

A quick note about how your data is handled: We take data protection very seriously and will never use your supplied email to send you unsolicited mail or share your data with any third party.