What Is Tantric Massage?


What are the origins of tantric massage?.... How is this massage performed in London?..... How do I find my ideal erotic massage experience?.... 

We answer all your burning tantra related questions below.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Most of us have heard of tantric sex. Perhaps the term conjures up images of illustrations from the Karma Sutra, or maybe tabloid stories about Sting’s sex life instead. Either way though, most of us have an idea that the aim of tantric sex is to prolong arousal levels and thereby experience greater sensual pleasure for longer.

The same is also true of a good tantric massage, which uses the power of sensuous touch to tease you into a state of blissed out relaxation, whilst simultaneously building your arousal levels, aiming to delay complete sexual gratification and so heighten your enjoyment.


Tantric massage originates from the East, where spiritual practices were combined with physical sensations in order to bring our attention into the body, therefore enabling us to fully inhabit the present moment with more clarity and enjoyment. With a trend for mindfulness practices now back in vogue, tantric massage is certainly enjoying a boom time, as many more of us seek pleasurable and effective ways to switch off from modern life’s many pressures and distractions.



What Happens During A Tantric Massage?

Tantric massages are performed nude and the therapist uses a body to body massage technique to relax and pleasure your whole body.

However to what extent a masseuse incorporates authentic eastern forms of tantra into your session may differ between providers so it’s recommended that, if you have any specific desired experiences in mind, that you discuss this with your chosen agency, parlour or massage therapist prior to the massage beginning.

As it may be that whereas one tantric masseuse’s idea of a tantric massage is a soft and sensual body to body massage where every part of your body is deliciously teased and pleasured; whilst another provider may intend to do all of the above after guiding you through some breathing techniques, known as pranayama, or a guided visualisation, because they may be particularly well versed in the arts of authentic eastern tantra.

Consider what you want to experience, yet we also recommend keeping an open mind so that your masseuse can expertly guide you through a new and exciting erotic adventure.



Is There Anything I Should Do To Prepare For A Tantric Massage?

Much of the magic of tantra happens in the moment, so there’s no need to overthink exactly what will happen at each stage. Experienced therapists will be able to lead you through an intimate encounter and, whilst they may take cues from you and adjust their technique accordingly, they won’t require you to know what is going to happen or for you to take the lead. You can simply lay back and enjoy the sensation of being completely pampered.


That said, you can prepare a little in advance, by reading reviews of the agencies/ parlours and masseuses you’re interested in; and by getting in touch with them to check if they provide the kind of service you desire.

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