What Happens During An Erotic Massage?


We explore exactly what happens during a naked erotic massage session....

...so if you’re new to the delights of tantric massage then read on for the full scoop.

So you’ve had fun perusing the profiles of the tantric massage therapists who you most like the look of. Perhaps you’ve read some of their reviews, or called a selection of independent masseuses or massage agencies to ask a few questions. Most clients find this part of their erotic adventure very fun in itself.

Eventually however you will be ready to take the plunge and book the masseuse you most like the sound of. And then the anticipation of what will happen begins to build. It’s normal to feel a little nervous as well as excited, and to be uncertain of quite what will happen when you’re alone together.

So we’re here to give you the lowdown on what is normal during your first sexy massage encounter. To do this we asked some of our esteemed Members and Advertisers what questions they have, or what their clients ask them most often.


Will I Genuinely Receive a Massage?

Anyone advertising erotic massage will be expecting to provide you with a full body massage with body glides. This may also include skilled massage techniques such as kneading, deep tissue, effleurage strokes, or perhaps Swedish massage technique.

If you are hoping to experience a particular style of massage, it’s recommended to check in advance whether your chosen provider offers it. You can filter your UK Massage Guide search for specific massage skills by using our extensive massage therapy menu.

Erotic massage is a sexy and intimate form of massage, yet personal boundaries may differ from therapist to therapist, so it’s worth chatting with your chosen provider beforehand so you have a mutual understanding as to what you are both comfortable doing.


Will We Be Naked?

Most erotic massages are performed fully nude, but again this depends on what both you and your masseuse are comfortable with.

The reason that erotic massage is traditionally performed naked is that it enables the massage therapist to perform their body glides to the full benefit. This type of body to body massage utilises oils and the sensation of her skin against yours to pleasure you.


Can I Try Other Massage Therapies At The Same Time?

Again this will depend on your chosen massage agency, parlour or independent therapist, so do check in with them to find out. On the whole though, providers are happy to blend massage therapies together to create your ideal session. So whether it’s a pure tantric massage, or a slippery and sexy Nuru massage you’re interested in mixing together with your erotic massage indulgence, there are plenty of therapists out there ready to make your personal massage fantasy a reality.

Use our Massage Search filters to find your perfect pairing.


What Does An Erotic Massage Cost? And Are There Any Hidden Costs?

We know that price is a factor for many massage clients. For this reason, we have included the ability to search by price per hour in our search filters.

You may find that erotic massage London is a little more expensive for example, though even in the capital there is a wide range of providers available at different rates.

Some massage providers told us that all their costs are listed on their website or UKMg profile, however others do say that they have various price points for additional massage services, so it’s worth asking this question directly to anyone you are booking in with.


Is Erotic Massage Legal in the UK?

Yes, it’s legal to book and pay for a naked massage here in the UK. As long as what takes place in the massage is between consenting adults then you are absolutely on the right side of the law.


How Do I Check A Massage Provider Is Legitimate?

Many potential massage clients are concerned as to whether agencies, parlours and independent masseuses are as advertised on their websites.

We recommend talking with them on the phone to gauge their authenticity. And we strongly suggest checking out whether they have any reviews. This is why here at UKMg we have created the industry’s first genuine client Review system (to read and write Reviews, you will need to purchase an Access All Areas Membership for £4.99 per month; however you can view and search by Review star ratings for free).

Some providers also have Google Reviews, which you can find by googling their names.