The Best Tantric Massage Providers in Manchester (Top 9)


The Nine Best Tantric Massage Providers in Manchester 

Our Guide to Tantric Massage in Manchester 

In the vibrant city of Manchester, known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant culture, there lies an under-explored avenue of relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation - Tantric Massage. This ancient practice, which has its roots in the Indian subcontinent, aims to harmonise the body, mind, and spirit, allowing individuals to connect with their innermost selves on a deeper level. With the city housing an array of experienced providers, selecting the top 10 is no small feat. This guide is designed to navigate enthusiasts, whether novices or seasoned, through the best tantric massage providers in Manchester, ensuring an experience that is not only pleasurable but also safe and fulfilling.

In this fast-paced modern world, relaxing and rejuvenating has become more important than ever. Tantric massages, characterised by their holistic approach, focus on creating a deep sense of relaxation and connection. Before we delve into the best nine tantric massage providers in Manchester, it is essential to understand the criteria to curate this list, ensuring readers have an enriching and satisfying experience.

Message From The Author 

I love Manchester! It is the tantric massage capital of the north and an incredible party city. I hope you enjoy this article and find the information helpful when booking your next sexy massage session!

Love, Charlotte

Criteria for Selection on Our List


Expertise and Training

Choosing a provider with a well-trained and experienced staff is crucial. Knowledgeable therapists can customise massages to suit individual needs, utilising various techniques honed over years of practice. It is advised to look for providers who have:

- Certified therapists with expertise in tantric massages

- Continuous training programs to upgrade their skills

- A rich history of experience in the field

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from previous customers can be a treasure trove of information. Reviews often give an insight into the kind of experiences others have had, allowing you to gauge the quality of services. When selecting a provider, consider:

- High ratings and positive reviews on independent platforms like Trustpilot and Google. 

- Testimonials that highlight the professionalism and skill of therapists

- Case studies or stories showcasing successful experiences

Safety and Cleanliness

A serene, clean, and safe environment is a prerequisite for a good massage experience. Ensuring that the providers adhere to high standards of cleanliness can prevent potential health issues. Check for:

- Compliance with health and safety regulations

- Clean, hygienic, and well-maintained facilities

- Measures to ensure customer safety and privacy

Customisation of Tantric Massage Services

Every individual is unique, as are their preferences and needs regarding massages. Providers that offer a range of services and the option to customise massages can enhance the experience greatly. Look for:

- A diverse range of services catering to different preferences

- Options for customisation to suit individual needs

- Consultation services to help choose the right kind of massage

Top 9 Tantric Massage Providers in Manchester


1.   Pure Tantric Manchester

Book Online Here or call 07472 51750

2017 Manchester became home to a new beacon of sensual luxury - Pure Tantric Manchester. Quickly establishing itself as the premier agency in the city, it marked a clear distinction in a competitive market with its unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Since its beginning, Pure Tantric Manchester has epitomised luxury and prestige in the city, offering unparalleled tantric and erotic massages. The secret to their success lies in their meticulous selection of exceptionally beautiful, talented, and skilled masseuses, most of whom are exclusive to their team.

The agency's trajectory of rapid growth has been fuelled by high standards and a clear foundational vision: to partner exclusively with professionals adept at providing exceptional and high-quality services that satisfy the expectations of their discerning clientele. Their strict selection process, involving live interviews and training sessions, ensures that only individuals with a unique flair are chosen to be part of their renowned team, embodying the pinnacle of skill, grace, and excellence.

As Pure Tantric Manchester strides into the future, it continues to uphold its promise of being the absolute best in the business, a commitment reflected in their dedication to quality, exclusivity, and customer satisfaction. This fervent dedication positions them as Manchester's hub of luxury and sensual delight, where dreams transition seamlessly into tantalising realities.


Available Massages & Prices

Express Tantric Massage - £120 for 45 minutes 

Sensual Body To Body Tantric Massage - £150 for 60 minutes 

Wet And Wild Aqua Massage - £200 for 75 minutes 

The Ultimate Mutual Tantric Massage - £150 

Four Times Tantric Massage - £300 

Fetish Tantric Massage - £160

Pure 4 Two Couples Tantric Massage - £300

Yoni Tantric Massage - £150

Dinner Date - £100 per hour 

Customer Reviews

Raj - 16th August 2022

Had an amazing time with Kim, a 10/10 stunning woman and great massage. See you again, beautiful! X”

Simon - 21st January 2023

Natalie is kind and has a vibrant energy around her, and the tantric massage was absolutely authentic, relaxing, and erotic. Her magic hands are one of the best in tantric massage. I am a regular tantric massage customer, and I can honestly say that Natalie is one of the best therapists I ever met; I'll be back again soon. I recommend anyone booking this gorgeous angel. I give her a 5-star rating.”

Sam - 22nd August 2023

I had a session with Abby last Saturday. She was So professional, and the overall experience was just Amazing. My new favourite is Pure Tantric.”

2.   Rosie Tantric

Email [email protected] or call +44 7933 845 868

Rosie has carved out a niche for herself as a provider of elite and pampering tantric massages in Manchester. Her luxurious apartment, located just 10 minutes from the city centre, serves as the backdrop for this unique offering, combining the rich principles of tantra with erotic massage techniques, introducing a fresh concept in the area's body-to-body massage landscape.

Rosie, well-versed in tantra, has cultivated a space where individuals seeking a tranquil yet stimulating experience can find solace. Her services, equally welcoming to both men and women, are known for blending relaxation with intimate excitement. Guests can expect an immersive tantric session and a professional who values connection, as evidenced by her friendly disposition and dedicated approach.

A visit to Rosie promises a thoroughly prepared and unforgettable time, accentuated by her athletic figure, beautiful eyes, and radiant smile, which have become her hallmark. Emphasising comfort and keen attention to detail, Rosie ensures that from the moment guests arrive, they are embraced by an environment that is both warm and inviting, setting the stage for a magical journey into the world of tantra.


Available Massages & Prices

Erotic Tantric Massage - £170 for 60 minutes 

Aqua Ritual - £230 for 75 minutes 

Tie & Tease Massage - £210 for 75 minutes 

Extended Sessions

Erotic Tantric Massage For Women 

Customer Reviews

“Rosie is naturally beautiful, intuitive and cool as a cucumber. Her devotion and feminine energy are pure magic.”

Jim Jon

“Rosie is undoubtedly the best of the best, the highlight of my week. A wonderful, genuine, warm, beautiful young woman.”

Robert Smith

“What I had is difficult to express in few lines or words. I had an amazing experience that I never had before, and I believe I will never have it in any other place. I was in a heaven on earth. everything was perfect.. I definitely will come again and again and again whenever I have the chance.”

Al Ali

3.   Love Tantra Manchester

Email via the Contact Form or call +44 7944 639940

Love Tantra Manchester is a professional agency specialising in tantric massages. With many years of experience in the field, the masseuses here are personally selected based on their expertise in the ancient art of tantric massage, friendly demeanour and passion for the sensual arts.  

Clients seeking to relax and rejuvenate after a strenuous week can find respite at Love Tantra Manchester, which focuses on providing a luxurious yet personal service. Here, visitors can break away from their daily routines and indulge in a sensual experience designed to refresh and energise both body and mind.

Available Massages & Prices

Classic Tantric - Call for prices 

Swedish Tantric

Yoni Massage

Four Hands Massage

Couples Tantric 

Aqua Massage 

Indian Head Massage 

Customer Reviews 

“Naomi simply is delightful. She has a beautiful smile and a genuine heart. Her massage is like warm milk and marshmallows. Sweet and gentle. Her touch is wonderfully sensual and highly erotic. I don’t know what angels look like, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they looked like her.”

Man with a Tan

“Thank you for arranging my appointment with Lina. She is really beautiful, her place is very nice, and her massage was incredible, super impressed I will return!”


“Amazing, simply amazing! Her touch, her voice, her body and the massage are to die for, I will definitely be back soon.”


4.   La Maison Massage Parlour 

Call 01617 611302 or 07940 985548

La Maison is Manchester's most renowned massage parlour, particularly noted for its expansive establishment and exceptional services. It has built a stellar reputation in Bury, becoming a staple in the local massage industry. 

For those yet to experience what La Maison has to offer, an invitation is always open to come and discover firsthand the reason behind its widespread acclaim. The establishment prides itself on housing a diverse collection of escorts, including European and local Manchester talents, ready to provide an unparalleled service that has made La Maison a household name in Manchester's massage scene.

Available Massages & Prices

£110 for 60 minutes 

Customer Reviews 

“Beautiful woman! Very good experience with her.”

Lew - 28th August 2020

“Wow! Amazing! Not only a physically beautiful young lady but a beautiful person too.”

Oldie K - 3rd August 2023 

“I've tried to book Alice, and she has always been booked. I rarely come to bury, but I tried again on this trip and got lucky. From the second she walked in, I thought, “wow," as soon as I saw her smile and only got better there! Couldn't fault her, so go see her!”

Essex Bloke - 3rd February 2023

5.   Mrs Gray - The Naked Masseuse 

Email [email protected] or call 07546013174

Meet Georgia, the professional behind "The Naked Masseuse", evolving from her roots as a holistic therapist to a pioneer in erotic massage, even branching into virtual services. In her Manchester studio, she offers a unique Lomi-Lomi full-body massage, blending therapeutic and sensual elements into a passive, immersive experience.

Each session commences with a personal consultation to tailor the massage to the client's preferences and needs, creating a comforting ambience with a choice of essential or aroma-free oils. Georgia prides herself on combining high professionalism with a tantalising personal touch, fostering a unique and unforgettable experience and prioritising quality and client satisfaction.

Available Massages & Prices 

Two-Hour VIP Naked Massage Session - £250

90-Minute Deluxe Naked Massage Session - £180

One-Hour Naked Massage Session - £125

45 Minute Express Naked Massage Session - £100

Prostate Massage + £20

Rimming + £30

Tie & Tease + £10

Customer Reviews 

I arranged to meet, and honestly, it was 5* I need to rearrange ASAP. In fact, I would easily say you are Manchester’s best-kept secret.
This is one lady not to be missed. X

Craig - Trustpilot 

It was absolutely wonderful. Never experienced anything like that before, and I’m looking forward to next time……

Mike - Trustpilot 

Arranged to meet; an excellent lady and excellent service, highly recommended, and would meet again x.

Ash - Trustpilot 

6.   Infinity Massage Parlour

Email [email protected] or call 01612 235512

Discover the epitome of relaxation at Manchester's leading massage parlour, nestled just outside the vibrant city centre. Whether you're a local or visiting the city for its iconic football matches, our location is unbeatably convenient — a stone's throw away from the Manchester City Football Stadium, the Etihad, and just a brief taxi ride from the legendary Old Trafford Football Stadium, home to Manchester United.

Our doors are open seven days a week, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm, welcoming you into a sanctuary where tranquillity meets luxury. As the city buzzes with energy outside, step into our haven to unwind and rejuvenate. Be sure to secure your spot of bliss by making your last booking by 7:30 pm—Experience Manchester's premium massage services, where your comfort and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

Available Massage & Prices

£90 per 60-minute appointment

7.   Manchester City Tantric Massage 


Call 07470 552 128

At Tantric Massage Manchester, you can expect an unforgettable sensual journey beyond the conventional. The masseuses here are adept in the art of tantra, utilising their entire being to cater to all your desires and needs. They exhibit an uncanny knack for tuning into your rhythm, knowing exactly when to intensify or lessen the pressure, and focusing on the most pleasurable areas. What makes this place stand out is the promise of a climactic full-body orgasmic experience, a true hallmark of the Manchester City Tantric Massage Experience.

Available Massages & Prices 

Couples Massage - £300 for 60 minutes 

Aqua Massage - £200 for 60 minutes 

Yoni Massage - £150 for 60 minutes 

Tantric Body to Body Massage - £150 for 60 minutes 

Four Hands Massage - £300 for 60 minutes 

Tie & Tease Massage - £200 for 60 minutes 

Customer Reviews 

“She is simply superb. Good looking, good sense of humour, nice message. There is nothing more anyone will need. She is an absolutely amazing girl”


“It was my first meeting with the lovely Jessica, and she, along with Sienna and Eva, transported me away from this life into some heavenly place from which I did not want to return. Jessica is delightful and knows exactly what is required. It will remain with me forever. The whole service was very professional, with a clean, pleasant apartment. I am unable to resist the dream of visiting again. Thank goodness dreams can, for a while, become reality.”


“Wow, amazing massage from a wonderful masseuse. Gonna be back very soon.”


8.  Manchester Massage 

Call 07435895467 or email [email protected]

At Massage Manchester, the client's unique needs and preferences are the focal point of each session. Whether you opt for an incall or outcall massage in Manchester, the service is designed to suit your individual needs. The process begins with carefully evaluating your expectations and any specific ailments you might have. Following this, you are presented with a diverse array of therapeutic options.

If you're unsure where to begin, they offer introductory sessions encompassing various therapies, assisting you in finding the method that resonates with you personally.

The team at Massage Manchester stands out due to their extensive training in a vast array of massage therapy techniques. They are proficient in time-honoured methods that have stood the test of thousands of years and modern approaches grounded in contemporary scientific research—this fusion of old and new aims to thoroughly alleviate the strains and stresses that accompany daily life.

Available Massage & Prices 

Outcall massage - £120 Per Hour

Incall massage - £100

Tantric massage - £120 

Body-to-body massage - £120 

Lingam massage - £120 

Prostate massage - £120 

Nuru massage (slippery) - £120

Four hands massage - £120 

Erotic massage - £120 

9.   Queens Massage 

Call 0161 2795466 or email [email protected]

In a bid to nurture lasting relationships with clients, Queens Massage stands as a beacon in the realm of personal wellness. When you visit, you can expect a communication-rich environment where your feelings, experiences, and goals are central to the treatment plan devised for you. It's not just about a single session but about fostering a long-term commitment to better health through the therapeutic power of massage.

At Queens Massage, the practitioners believe firmly in the power of knowledge sharing. It's a two-way street where you are encouraged to actively communicate what you're experiencing and what you aim to achieve from the sessions. This feedback enables the professionals there to tailor treatments that are in sync with your expectations, allowing you to derive the most benefit from each session.

Beyond just a luxury or a means to address occasional stress, Queens Massage treats massage therapy as a potent tool to facilitate healing. Whether you are battling illness, grappling with the stresses of daily life, or simply looking for a way to pamper yourself, embarking on a journey with Queens Massage can be a life-changing experience. In this journey, they honour your trust in them, aiming to revolutionise your perception of wellness and personal care.

Available Massages & Prices 

Full body oil massage - £40 - 1 hour

Full body sport massage - £55 

4 Hands massage (two ladies) - £70 

Tantric massage - £100

Customer Reviews 

Visited here on Monday and saw Ruby for my massage. I’ve seen Ruby several times at various places around Greater Manchester, and to my mind gives one of the best massages In Manchester. I would 100% Recommend

Ross M

The massage centre is very clean and has a very professional staff. Excellent massage performed with good handling. 

Andrea D 

The Top 9 Tantric Massage Providers in Manchester - Conclusion 

As the bustling city of Manchester blossoms as a hotspot for luxurious and sensual tantric massages, the quest to find the most proficient provider can seem overwhelming. From our thorough investigation into the top-notch services in the area, here's a distilled insight into what you can expect:

  • Pure Tantric Manchester offers a luxurious experience with highly skilled masseuses, standing as a beacon of luxury and client satisfaction.
  • Rosie Tantric is known for providing a serene yet exhilarating atmosphere, emphasised by her personal touch and deep understanding of tantra.
  • For a personal yet grand experience, Love Tantra Manchester offers an oasis of relaxation with genuine affection and expertise in tantric massages.
  • La Maison and Infinity Massage Parlour offer expansive establishments with diverse services, consistently receiving high praise from clients for their exceptional services.
  • Mrs Gray - The Naked Masseuse and Queens Massage stand out for their commitment to personalised service, fostering long-term relationships with clients through tailored treatments and sessions.
  • If you're after a climactic full-body orgasmic experience, Manchester City Tantric Massage promises an unforgettable journey that fully caters to your needs and desires.
  • For a therapeutic experience that melds ancient techniques with modern approaches, Massage Manchester offers an expansive menu of treatments that centre around the client's unique needs and preferences.


When selecting the ideal provider, potential clients should pay close attention to customer reviews to gauge the service quality. The reviews show that personalised attention, professionalism, and the masseuse's ability to establish a genuine connection are highly valued. For a rewarding and fulfilling tantric massage experience in Manchester, seeking a provider who offers a blend of relaxation, intimate excitement, and exceptional skill should be your priority. Utilise customer reviews as a reliable compass in navigating towards a provider that aligns with your expectations for a luxuriously tantalising experience. 

Remember, your journey into the world of tantra should be nothing short of magical. Make it count with the right provider and the UK Massage Guide


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