Stress In The City


Manage Stress With Tantric Massage 

Stress In The City

Modern life is busy. We wake up before dawn, get the kid's breakfast ready, get them dressed and get them off to school. Next up, you're battling rush hour to get to the office on time: meetings, emails, and phone calls. Dash across town to make your afternoon appointment and then back to the office for more. 

It is a lot to cope with day after day. This is why finding fresh ways to decompress is becoming more critical than ever. The UK Massage Guide team are experts in mental and physical health, and as such, we can offer new fresh ideas to help you find that space in the day we all crave. 

1 - Exercise

Not exactly revolutionary, I know, but the benefits of regular physical exercise are proven beyond all reproach. Also, if you're looking for extra motivation, what do all the top billionaire businesspeople in the world have in common? They exercise for a minimum of five days each week. Team sports, in particular, have enormous benefits for mental health as they appeal to our primal instincts of working together as a pack for a specific goal. 

2 - Massage

Most oil us have experienced a deep tissue, Swedish or sports massage at some point. They are fantastic for working out tight muscles and getting right into those knots and chronic areas of tension. But are they doing enough for our mental well-being? Next time you book a massage, try our Ayurveda Massage, Thai Massage or Tantric Massage. These therapies all focus on both body and mind. The use of breath work, chakras and meditation can have enormous benefits for both the physical body and the spiritual. Try one of these traditional therapies today if you want to walk back into the world feeling wholly refreshed. 

3 - Avoid Micro Stresses

Are you halfway through a stressful morning and already maxed out? You could allow too many micro stresses to creep into your daily routine. Here's a scenario:

Your alarm goes off. STRESS. You hit snooze. It goes off again ten minutes later. STRESS. One last snooze. ALARM, STRESS. You get up and go to pick an outfit for the day, but your shirt isn't ironed, and your suit is in a heap on the chair where you left it. STRESS. You're running a little late, so you run for the train. STRESS,  it's packed with other commuters, STRESS. 

You can see where I'm going by this point. Now imagine if you just committed to getting up with the first alarm. You immediately remove two micro stresses from your day. Before bed, lay out your clothes for the day. This way, you draw one more micro-stress. 

Learn From World Leaders 

President Obama famously had his staff pick out his clothes daily, so he had one less thing to worry about. This is a man who knows about high-pressure environments and dealing with stress. Learn from the best and remove micro-stress wherever you can. 

So there you have your three tips to relax and avoid stress in our busy urban lives. Do you have any ideas we could add to this list? Get in touch or discuss them in the Forums

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