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Prostate Massage

The prostate is known in tantric teaching as the emotional sex centre of the male body, as well as the man’s G-spot. It is perhaps a man’s most erogenous zone. Unlike anything else you have experienced, a prostate massage from one of our skilled masseuses will expand your understanding of pleasure, taking you to the next level of erotic experience. You may also see this type of massage called 'sacred spot massage'. 

Try A London Prostate Massage Today!

Prostate massage breaks down Western taboos, where male sexuality of this kind is not often explored – at our significant loss. Masseuses love to perform a prostate massage as it is a unique way to achieve extra closeness with a client. They do so with extra tentativeness to the added vulnerability of a prostrate massage’s intimacy. 

As well as this, many girls relish the experience of maximising the body’s potential for sexual satisfaction – proving they are indeed masters of tantric art with every pleasurable release. This is a unique opportunity for a gorgeous masseuse to push the boundaries of dominance and submission, promising her client an intensely erotic experience unlike any other. 

What is a Prostate Massage?

The prostate is a small gland roughly the size of a squash ball and is located between the penis and the anus. The prostate is responsible for creating semen. Massaging the prostate causes the ducts located within it to empty their semen. During a prostate massage, your masseuse will insert a finger into your anus and press or massage the area. The sensations are powerful, and you may be ejaculating quickly and without warning. Check out this great WebMD article to learn about prostate massage in London. 

What are the Benefits?

Besides the obvious benefits of a beautiful masseuse causing you to ejaculate spontaneously, there are a few other traditional health benefits. The prostate is located very close to the urethra, so massaging it can reduce swelling and increase urine flow. Some patients have reported help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction after regular massage in this area. 


Be Adventurous And Try A Soothing Prostate Massage

Before exploring your prostate, you may prefer your masseuse to pamper and please all your tired muscles, building tantalising tension and channelling your blood to your sex centre.

Or you are perhaps getting comfortable with your own body and your masseuses through a sensual body-to-body massage before she puts her soft and skilled hands to work pleasuring your prostrate region, expertly caressing your pleasure points to bring waves of sensations before ultimate and intense release. The prostate is called the male g-spot for a good reason!

Reach New Heights Of Pleasure With A Prostate Massage In London

Our sweet and intuitive girls are naturally equipped to put you at ease with their good natures and feminine charms. There is nobody better to explore the fantasy of a prostate massage than one of our skilled elite masseuses. As well as making you as comfortable as possible with exploring your sexuality these girls are highly skilled in fulfilling your body’s potential for pleasure.

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