How To Choose Your Perfect Erotic Massage Therapy


What do the most popular massage therapies entail?

Tantric massage is an industry that is constantly growing and evolving, so even for enthusiastic regulars the options can seem bewildering. The hub of the UK tantric massage scene is in London where you can find a wide variety of different services, but most practitioners will certainly offer nude Body to Body Massage. Here at UK Massage Guide we’ve had a look through the data from our fantastic Massage Search feature and chosen the most popular options to describe in a little more detail. Whether you’re looking for an authentic spiritual experience, a kinky hour with a leather clad dominatrix or simply a sensual relaxing time with a beautiful massage therapist here is some information to help you make the best choices possible.


Unwind Body & Mind With Tantric Massage

The term tantric massage is often used to simply describe an erotic massage, but can also be an authentic Eastern tantric massage which also has a spiritual dimension, so may involve focusing on one or more of your chakras, combined with pranayama breath work, to create a deeply spiritual connection between the participants.

If you prefer particular tantric techniques then it is advisable to discuss your options with massage providers prior to booking.


Pamper Yourself with a Body to Body Massage

Therapeutic massage styles will vary from therapist to therapist but all body to body massages will use body glides (where the masseuse glides her body against yours) to increase arousal whilst providing a full body massage.


Enjoy a Sexy Nuru Massage

Nuru is a Japanese massage technique first practiced in Kawasaki. Nuru Massage utilises a special gel which creates a blissful glide sensation between the bodies. It’s a service you can expect to find in most major Tantric massage cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Expect to pay a small fee on top of your massage quote due to the provision of Nuru Massage gel and the additional set up time required.


Increase Your Enjoyment with a Steamy Aqua Massage

Also known as a soapy massage, aqua massages can be performed in the shower or bath. Some parlours and spas will also offer Aqua Massage in a jacuzzi. Most tantric massages begin with you on your front whereas Aqua will have you face to face across the bubbles so its a brilliant way to get to know your masseuse right from the start of the session. If you have deep rooted tension and desire, an intensely relaxing yet erotic experience Aqua massage is a truly indulgent option. As with Nuru Massage, there is normally a small extra fee for an Aqua massage.


Double the Joy with a Four Hand Massage

Two gorgeous masseuses simultaneously gliding themselves over your body making it impossible to tell where one glistening form ends and the other begins. A connection and understanding between the masseuses is key to a four hand massage experience so ask your provider if the ladies and gents you’re interested in enjoy working together or have preferred four hand massage partners.


Indulge Your Fantasies with Role Play Massage

When booking your massage feel free to enquire about any uniforms or outfits that you’d love to see your masseuse in. The genre is as big as your own imagination but if you have a thing for naughty nurses, want your secretary to be extra bad at work today or simply can’t stop fantasising about girls in yoga pants, you can book a role play massage to suit your desires.


Unleash Your Darker Desires with BDSM Massage

Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism all fit under the umbrella term of BDSM. Sometimes also referred to as Dark Tantra, BDSM Massage allows you to safely explore your submissive or dominant desires, whilst also likely indulging some fetishes too, with a like minded massage therapist who will also provide you with a teasing full body massage.

Sounds like heaven? You can find your perfect BDSM Masseuse here.