Discover the Healing Power of Erotic Japanese Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is known for being a highly sexual and sensual experience, but there are benefits to the technique that go beyond simple pleasure. There is nothing quite like the seductive pleasure of a Nuru massage.

One, sometimes two masseuses undress, cover themselves in a glossy, odourless gel and sensually slide across your naked body, caressing every inch of your skin with theirs. The sensations, the pleasure, the thrill; it’s one of the most intense and indulgent encounters one can experience in this life.

The popularity of Japanese Nuru massage has grown massively in recent years — and it isn’t hard to understand why. Yet, there is more to this technique than meets the eye. Besides being a highly pleasurable and erotic experience, Nuru massage has a number of other benefits for the mind, body and soul.

If you are unsure about whether or not Nuru massage is right for you, maybe the healing power of the technique will help you make up your mind.

Find a Better State of Mind

On the massage table, away from the hectic day-to-day life you most likely lead, you can escape the world for an hour and experience pleasure and relaxation unlike any else on this Earth.

Surrendering to the seductive joys of Nuru massage, letting your mind stop racing for a while and simply taking in the sensations of Nuru allows your head to clear, for the stresses of life to melt away and for you to find a better state of mind.

Many find that to become so wrapped up in the moment is a very spiritual experience. You leave the world behind and, even if it is just for a short while, transport yourself somewhere else; somewhere free of stress, commitments and responsibility.

When you return to Earth, you’ll carry some of that with you. It is impossible to experience such a liberating feeling of the body without having it affect your mind and soul.

Boost Your Sex Drive

Loss of libido is a common problem for men and women. It is also a force that can be deeply destructive. Low sex drive can not only be caused by a number of mental health problems, but it can also result in them, too.

Sex is nature's great stress reliever. It produces a rush of endorphins and it makes us happy. Those who struggle with libido problems lose the desire to even attempt to relieve stress in this way, which can take somebody down a dark path.

Happily, though, a Nuru massage can help boost your libido. In an environment absent of stress or modern commitments, in a process carried out by a gorgeous professional, there only to provide you with relief, you might just find it far easier to let go of your sexual confines.

The more great sexual experiences you have, the greater your desire for more will be. But, it can be hard to find that drive at home, where the pressures and strains of life have likely caused that loss of libido in the first place.

A Nuru massage can provide the highly seductive, exciting, yet stress-free atmosphere you need to start healing your low sex drive. Without pressure, without fear of disappointment or failure.

Improve Circulation

The act of Nuru is one that warms not only the mind, but the body. In a room, two — sometimes three — people take part in a very intimate act. The rubbing of bodies together creates heat over the entire surface of the skin, opening up blood vessels.

Nuru massage helps promote good circulation and increases the heart rate. The heart pumps into rarely opened vessels, helping nutrients travel around the body.

Relief From Pain and Tension

The warmth from the Nuru massage experience not only helps circulation, but it also relaxes muscle tension and helps relieve tightness and pain in the back, neck and shoulders.

Combine this warmth and relaxation with the light pressures of a smooth body sliding over these newly exposed and tender muscles and you’ll find that, long-term, your stiff and painful muscles are eased and loosened.

Nourish Your Skin

The gel used for Nuru massage is a special blend of Japanese seaweed known as Nori. It has been carefully selected as the practice evolved due to its long-lasting hydrating effects, which ensure the masseuse is always as slippery and limber as they need to be.

The added benefit of this gel is that it is so deliciously hydrating because it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The Nori gel nourishes your skin, hydrating it. It becomes softer, more elastic yet firm, and feels younger.

Skin that is well taken care of not only makes us feel good; it also helps us regulate temperature better, heals faster and protects us from harmful UV rays.

Want to experience the healing benefits of Nuru massage for yourself? Book in with one of our beautiful erotic massage therapists today.