Your First Naked Massage: What to Expect


About to experience a naked, erotic massage for the first time? Here’s what you should know.


The prospect of a naked massage is exhilarating. The idea that you will soon experience heightened levels of seduction, pleasure and relief is enough to get anyone’s pulse pounding.

For many first-timers, though, an erotic massage can also get your pulse pounding in a different way: through nerves. Your first experience might be a nervous experience, as may anything that touches on the unknown. But we’re here to help.

You’ve booked in with your chosen masseuse because you are ready to explore the sensual world of naked massages — and with good reason. Besides the experience of divine pleasure and release, an erotic massage has a number of benefits, including everything from spiritual awakening to ease muscle tension.

The last thing you want is to have your mind troubled by nerves as you prepare for something as hypnotic as a naked massage. So, let’s clear your mind and your nerves right now, and allow you to properly soak up the experience of your first erotic massage by talking about what you can expect.

The Prelude

Every masseuse is different, a unique provider of pleasure that builds an atmosphere of relaxation in their own way. Most will take a moment or two to talk to you about what you want to experience; the sensations and relief you are after.

This is when you’ll get to know your masseuse a bit better, if you are still feeling nerves, they’ll be sure to allay them now. They are devoted to the art of drawing out positive energies and removing negative feelings. You can trust them to make you feel comfortable.

Before you start the massage, they’ll run through what you can expect, depending on what type of experience you’ve chosen. For example, if you’ve gone for the tantric massage option, they may help you relax through breathing exercises to help you enjoy the experience more, or if you’ve gone for the traditional Japanese body-to-body Nuru, they’ll talk to you about how to best release tension and get the most out of your time together.

The Massage

Again, every experience is different, depending on the masseuse and the type of massage, but generally, when it comes to a naked massage, you’ll be asked to disrobe, maybe take a quick shower, then lie on the massage table.

From here, you are just a passive observer into the world of erotic pleasure and deep relaxation. The masseuse will do all the work. Starting slowly, teasing out the stress delicately, building gradually to more and more intense and sensual touches.

Naked massages are designed to take time; to encourage the senses without a sense of rush or urgency. Allow yourself to switch off your mind and focus purely on the touches and sensations. An erotic massage isn’t about quick release; it’s about the journey of pure stress relief.

The Climax
This is the bit everyone wants to know about. The bit that causes the most nerves and leaves the heart pounding. What happens at the end of a naked massage?

Erotic massages exist to relieve stress and promote relaxation through the channelling of powerful sexual energies. To reap the full benefits, there must be a culmination of those energies the release that comes with it.

It doesn’t matter what you want to call it, a climax, a happy ending, a lingam massage, the result is the same: a transcendent release of pressure, stress and sexual energy that makes the naked massage something so much more than your ordinary massage experience.

The Wind Down
A naked massage is an all-encompassing experience. As mentioned, it isn’t a quick sprint to the finish, but a long and hypnotic journey into the deepest reaches of your senses.

Once the massage is over, you don’t want to be rushed out the door and into the noisy world outside, which is why you’ll be given time to lay and absorb the experience. You may then be given the opportunity to wash (potentially again) before leaving your den of pleasure — for now at least.

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