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Welcome to the UK Massage Directory. You’re only minutes away from talking to one of Brighton’s most sensual masseuses. Stick around, and you could soon enjoy an erotic experience like no other.

Brighton’s always been known as a ‘free’ sort of place, and nowhere is that better demonstrated than in the world of massage. Whatever your massage fantasy is, you can enjoy it right here in the heart of the town. In less than a minute you could be talking to your masseuse, viewing her pictures and – just maybe – arranging to meet her. 

What happens then, well… that depends on what you had in mind. Unsure? Well, here are a few suggestions:

Nuru and body to body massage

There’s nothing quite as exciting as that first hint of skin-on-skin contact. Imagine watching your masseuse disrobe, then lying back and enjoying the sight of her slowly applying the massage oil to first her body and then yours. Then the sensation of her body sliding against yours can begin… And remember, you don’t have to wait. This could happen to you tonight.

Tantric massages

Tantric massages are quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and they can awaken something in you that you didn’t even realise existed. The feeling of fingertips teasing your skin can be enough to drive anyone to the next level, especially when it’s one of Brighton’s finest masseuses doing the teasing. It’s impossible not to feel more at peace once you’ve enjoyed a tantric massage.

Couples massages

Intimacy and eroticism, combined. The level of excitement that comes from sharing an erotic massage is enough to help any couple feel more intimate. Imagine watching the excitement building in your partner’s face, and in sharing that feeling with them. 

Bisexual and lesbian massages

Our masseuses aren’t just here to see men. Many of them also offer bisexual and lesbian experiences. If you want the sort of pleasure that only women can give another woman, you’re in the right place. And, of course, no-one said you had to be limited to one masseuse

The darker arts

For some, only the darkest massages can produce that rush of excitement. Dark tantra, tie and tease… if your fantasies tend more to the night than the day, you can fulfil them tonight with one of the Brighton masseuses that are waiting to talk to you on our site.

Enjoy the best kind of stress relief – the pleasurable kind

If you’re in Brighton and feeling kinda tense… well, you’re only moments away from having that bubble of worry popped. The masseuses are ready and waiting to give you an experience you’ll never forget. So what are you waiting for? You’re only a few clicks away