Erotic Massage For Couples


Spice Up Your Relationship With A Sexy Massage Adventure

Couples massage is a service offered by most London and UK based tantric massage agencies as well as many independent erotic massage therapists. Tantric therapy builds a deep connection and intimacy which in modern society can fall out of our everyday lives. By rediscovering this you will find yourself more relaxed and open sexually, which will have huge benefits in your relationship. A couples tantric massage session invites you and your partner to experience this together in a calm and relaxed environment. Let’s look at some key points to better explore the many benefits, and avoid any potential pitfalls, in a couples erotic massage. 


Communicate Your Erotic Desires 

This is absolutely key to your tantric massage session being a success. It’s no good one of you living out their wildest fantasies if the other is deeply uncomfortable and determined never to repeat this experience again. Talk to your partner about your desires and find the common ground. Keep in mind that this is an erotic massage journey you are going on together, so it’s as much about finding out more about yourselves as it is about the person or persons who open the door on the big day. 

It’s also important to discuss your desires with your chosen massage therapist, so that they know what it is you are hoping to experience, and where your boundaries may lay.


Enjoy The Fun Of Foreplay

All reputable agencies these days have websites where you can see the masseuses and learn a little about them. Why not open a bottle of wine one evening and browse the various galleries to pick out your favourite ladies or gents. Use our UK Massage Guide search features, by selecting Couples Massage, and then refine the results by gender, price, location, body type, nationality, and more, to find the perfect masseuse for you.

Planning your tantric massage together be a hugely fun and liberating experience and is sure to whet the appetite for your first experience of a couples tantric massage. On the day you might want to plan a romantic meal to make more of an evening of it but we would advise you schedule this for after your massage. No one feels particularly sexy after a heavy meal so keep the pre show to a drink or two and you can settle down for your romantic meal later on to debrief and revel in your new found wild sides. 


What Will Happen During Our Couples Massage?

You may want to know what a typical session entails, or whether your masseuse is comfortable that you also massage and pleasure your partner during the session. Again it’s advisable to communicate with your masseuse prior to the booking, to discuss what they, and you, are comfortable with. They can talk you through the ways in which they will relax and massage both of you, and this will give you opportunity to ask any questions.

Many couples wonder whether they will have opportunity to also connect and be intimate with their partner during the massage; in our experience, most masseuses will be only too happy to demonstrate techniques which build a powerful new sensual connection between yourself and your other half, and to witness you practicing these skills on each other during the session. If this is the case, why not take it in turns spoiling each other under the guidance of your professional masseuse so that each of you gets to experience two pairs of hands caressing you, whilst the other can witness the pleasure they are providing. You’ll be able to put these new techniques into practice at home with the confidence of your professional guidance and build new levels of intimacy and connection. 

A well chosen couples massage will give you a safe and professional setting in which to discover new levels of intimacy between you and your partner. Talk and listen to each other in the planning and you should have a night you’ll remember for years to come, and quite possibly a new favourite naughty hobby!