Covid 19 Lockdown: The Impact On Tantric Massage


Our tips for strengthening your erotic massage business during this financially difficult time

Covid 19 has been devastating for the majority of industries around the globe, and tantric massage is no exception. In fact, due to the intimate nature of massage, it is likely to be some time before erotic massage therapists, agencies and massage parlours see clients returning in the numbers they are used to.

In these unprecedented and difficult times, we look at some ideas to help sensual massage providers strengthen their business ready for the return of clientele.


Connect With Clients Online

If you have a website and/or social media accounts, keep them refreshed with updates, new photos or blogs, so that you can hold the interest of regular or potential clients ready for when life begins to return to normal.

You can also use our free social networking tools right here on UK Massage Guide to get noticed by 1000s of clients, simply by refreshing your profile with more photos or information about yourself. And don’t forget to post in our Newsfeed and Main Forum for even more exposure.

If you are a paid advertiser, not only will you be spotted by many more clients, you can also reply to Private Messages, and create and join Groups to further increase your exposure.

We have seen an uptick in traffic from massage clients since the UK lockdown began, presumably due to many people being stuck at home, spending even more time online. So if you too have some time on your hands then now is a great opportunity to get yourself seen by these tantric massage fans who are planning for when they can enjoy some sensual indulgence again.


Get Us To Do The Social Media Leg Work For You

Are you on Twitter? If so then update your UKMg profile with your Twitter handle, and drop us an email to let us know you are happy for us to tweet about you. In fact even if you don’t have a Twitter account but want to feature in our Twitter promotion, we’d be happy to mention you.


Get Creative

We’ve loved hearing from independent masseuses and agencies in London, Manchester and Birmingham, who’ve told us of the innovative ways they are still keeping clients engaged. From online tantric masturbation tutorials, to using a weekly mailout of titillating selfies; from a Zoom meeting replacing a four hand massage appointment, to Facetime calls providing guided meditation support…..

Keep up the great work UK erotic bodyworkers, and don’t forget to update the UK Massage Guide Community with the sensational and innovative work you’re doing, by popping a status update on our Newsfeed or starting a Forum thread.


Maintain Client Engagement

Keep your UKMg profile up to date with new photos to give perusing clients plenty to enjoy.

And if you have Private Message access (available to all our paid advertisers), don’t forget to check your inbox so that you are able to respond to client enquiries (you can have notifications push to your email address if this helps you keep an eye on it).


Stay In Touch

We appreciate this is a really difficult time for everyone in the industry, so if you want any advice about how our community can help you, including the free services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page.