Can Tantric Massage Benefit Health and Wellbeing?


We explore the many physical and psychological benefits of receiving a tantric massage...


Tantric massage can feel like the ultimate naughty escapism but there are a number of surprising health benefits you may not have considered. From a boost in your immune system to helping you gain sexual confidence and lower stress, Tantric Massage has a lot more going for it than most people realise.......

Relieve Joint Pain With An Erotic Massage 

Erotic massage has many of the same advantages for our health as traditional Swedish or other non erotic massage. The main factor in stiff achy joints is a lack of blood flow to the inflamed area. The combination of effleurage (light skimming strokes) building into heightened levels of arousal has a strong effect on your circulation and all that blood moving around your body brings much needed nutrients to any problem areas. 


Ease Your Muscle Pain Whilst Enjoying The Pleasure of Body To Body Sensuality

Much like joint pain but the masseuse will be able to specifically target any tight muscle groups you may have to release knotted tissue and get that blood flowing. All our muscles are sheathed in an outer layer know as fascia. To allow a muscle to stretch and relax that fascia needs to move with it. Sports Massage helps to break up this fascia allowing the muscle beneath to stretch and release. It’s the same goal you are trying to achieve at home or in the gym with your foam roller but considerably more relaxing. Mention any problems areas to your tantric masseuse at the start of your session if you’d them to focus the massage around a specific body part. 


Give Yourself An Immunity Boost Whilst Indulging In The Pleasure of Tantra 

Particularly prescient during these unprecedented times. The COVID 19 pandemic has inspired a great many health crazes to help ward off the virus but one that may have flown under your radar is Tantric Massage. When we think of blood cells we tend to visualise the red blood cells which are the ones flowing into your aching joints and muscle and helping relieve all that physical tension. White blood cells or leukocytes on the other hand are hugely beneficial to our immune system as they fight against the pathogens that cause viruses and tumour cells. Regular sessions with a properly trained Tantric Massage therapist can help to regulate the production of these white blood cells in much the same way as taking regular exercise does. You can learn more about your Lymphatic system here:


Relieve Stress With A Relaxing Massage 

A silent killer that can negativity affect all aspects of our day to day lives stress levels need to be kept under control for the human body to function properly.  A study conducted on students found that long term stress reduced the number of natural killer cells and monocytes (more of those white blood cells) which can potentially increase your susceptibility to infection disease. You can view the research here:


Boost Your Confidence With A Sexy Massage Encounter

 In a world that seems to spin faster and faster with each passing year even the simplest pleasures in life can sometimes feel stressful or awkward. Break this cycle by putting yourself in the hands of a professional. Clean pleasant surroundings, quality massage oils, expertly controlled arousal and when the perfect moment arrives a powerful orgasm will have you feeling on top of your game once more. Stepping back out into the world with a spring in your step knowing that your next encounter with a member of the opposite sex will be every bit as good for them as it will be for you.