Use These Steps to Book Your First Tantric Massage in 2023


How to Find Your First Tantric Massage Practitioner 


Are you looking to book your first tantric massage experience? You may have several questions about the session and how to avoid pitfalls or uncomfortable situations. Today's blog post guides you to making that first massage booking smooth and sensual. Just like the heavenly bodies on the pages of the UK Massage Guide! 

Only some masseuses are passionate about their work; only some agencies or parlours are reputable and professional. Using the steps in this blog, you can find the best providers near you and avoid the bad ones. Today we will cover the following topics:


  • Researching the Masseuse - Parlours, Independents and Agencies
  • Reviews, Trust Signals and Company Ethos 
  • Getting to know the masseuse. Key questions to ask and find answers to
  • Understanding the details of your booking


First Steps - The UK Tantric Massage Scene

Your first step to booking your dream massage is finding the right masseuse. Depending upon where you are in the UK will affect this decision. If you’re in or near London, the world is your oyster. England's capital city has hundreds of stunning therapists from all over the world. Other major cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff, can offer an extensive range of sensual providers and therapies.  

Finding high-quality tantric massage is still possible outside the major urban areas, but your options are slightly more limited. This was part of our inspiration behind creating the UK Massage Guide. We’ve brought all of the best masseuses in the UK together in one erotic massage directory. This means that wherever you are in the country, we can help you find the best tantric massage near you today. 

Researching the Masseuse

When researching your masseuse, you start with three options. Will you choose a Massage Parlour, an Independent Tantric Masseuse or a high-end Tantric Massage Agency? Let’s take a look at each of these options of weigh up the pros and cons of each:


Massage Parlours

  • The great advantage of parlours is that you can generally find them even in relatively small cities throughout the UK. They are also the most affordable option, and you can often turn up without booking in advance. The downside is that they represent a shady side of the massage industry and often masquerade as escorting venues. 

Our Opinion. Please use this blog post's information to choose the best massage parlour before you visit. You are looking for excellent reviews on cleanliness, happy masseuses and a professional feeling business. Any parlour not ticking these boxes is best avoided. 


Independent Tantric Massage Therapists

  • We love independent masseuses here at UK Massage Guide. Motivated, business savvy and with the confidence to forge their path, they are a great choice when visiting any city. Booking regularly with an independent is a great way to build chemistry with the masseuse. They are also generally more affordable as they don’t have to pay any commission to any agency. 


Our Opinion. The best independent tantric massage therapists are seriously sexy and can save you some money. Please look for masseuses with quality websites or directory listings and great reviews. 


Erotic Massage Agencies

  • Agencies represent the elite end most professional end of the sensual massage market. Masseuses will pay the agency between 25-40% commission per booking so they are also the most expensive option of the three. The commission setup is an important consideration. Any agency accepting payments directly from you will be breaking UK law. You should always pay the masseuse directly in whatever format they accept. 


Our Opinion. If you have the money, you will get the most reliable, qualified and attractive masseuses by booking through agencies. There are exceptions, so please do your best diligence and check the website, reviews and FAQ pages before deciding. 


Reviews, Trust Signals and Company Ethos


This part of the process is more straightforward if your chosen masseuse, parlour or agency has a website. It’s 2023, and creating a website is free and very straightforward. UK Massage Guide was set up to give masseuses an excellent advertising platform without having to create and rank their own websites. We will cover the things to look out for in the next paragraph, but if you can't find a website, use these simple checks:


  • Join online forums or social media groups related to tantric massage and ask for recommendations.
  • Can you check the reviews and profile information on the directories they are listed on? Here on UK Massage Guide, you can message a masseuse directly, leave reviews and chat in the forums. 
  • Always read their profile information carefully. If they didn’t bother to write a detailed bio, they probably aren’t worth taking a risk on. 


Getting to Know The Masseuse - Read Between The Lines 

This methodology applies whether the masseuse uses a directory to promote themselves or their website. You want to book a provider with a strong ethos, experience, training, and reputation or trust signals. I’ve included a list of questions below that you want to be answered by their online profile. You could ask them all directly but limit yourself to one or two. Many time-wasters and fantasists are out there, and a long list of questions will make your therapist less than enthused about taking your booking. 


Questions to consider when booking your first tantric masseuse


  • What is your training and experience in tantric massage?
  • How long have you been practising tantric massage?
  • What specific techniques and approaches do you use in your sessions?
  • What is your philosophy on the practice of tantric massage?
  • What is your code of ethics and boundaries regarding the session?
  • Can you describe the session in detail, including what to expect during the session?
  • What kind of environment and atmosphere do you provide for the session?
  • What are your expectations of the client during the session?
  • How do you ensure the client's comfort and safety during the session?
  • Can you provide references or client reviews for your tantric massage practice?


Most good websites will answer these questions through their About Me Page, FAQ Page and regular blogs. There isn’t always enough space to answer all these queries in a directory bio, but a well-written profile should at least include the following:


  • Training and Experience 
  • Ethos
  • Environment 
  • Reviews 



The best providers will have a clear mission statement and be able to explain why they do what they do and what makes them different from the competition. These could include sharing a passion for tantra, Ayurveda and eastern therapies, creating a better deal for masseuses in the UK or wanting to help clients to understand their bodies better. 


Understand The Booking Details 

Please always be clear about the booking details to make sure your session runs smoothly. If you arrive late, you will still be expected to pay the full fee but may only receive part of the massage. Don’t waste your own time or the masseuses. 

Our tips:


  • Ask about the session location and environment. Plan your journey time with google maps, Waze or a taxi app like Uber
  • Make sure you are clear about the length and cost of the session
  • Wear anything you like. Any good massage experience will begin and end with a shower. Elite therapists will always provide some simple toiletries for you to use. 
  • Understand and respect the boundaries and expectations of your masseuse. 
  • Please take a look at the price and the payment details. Most masseuses prefer cash, which must be paid at the start of the session so they can count it while you are in the shower. 


Book Your First Tantric Massage - Our Conclusion

So as we have seen, by following a few simple steps, you can find, select and book a fantastic first tantric massage experience. To summarise, here are a few key points on how to book your first tantric massage:


  • Choose an independent, agency or tantric massage parlour and understand the pros and cons of each. 
  • Research your masseuse or provider thoroughly. 
  • Look for trust signals. 
  • Understand your role. Be on time, polite and clear on the cost. 


By following these steps, you can ensure that you find a qualified tantric massage practitioner who can provide you with a safe, respectful, and beneficial session.

So why not click through to our homepage and start searching? Your fantasy massage therapist could be closer than you think!