Three Ways a Body to Body Massage Will Blow Your Mind


What could be better than surrendering to the intense pleasure of a gorgeous girl snaking her body over yours, covered in oil and grinding, rubbing and stroking? Throw in some mood-setting candles, the luscious scent of massage oil and luxurious sheets, and you’ve got something completely mind-blowing.

It may sound like the kind of dream scenario that you can only fantasise about, but we’re actually describing a body-to-body massage — an increasingly popular form of sensual massage that’s taking the UK by storm.

Exotic, erotic and daringly sensual, in this post we’ll show you three ways that a body-to-body massage will blow your mind and awaken your senses.

Fosters and Boosts Intimacy

We live in a digital age. Our communication with friends and loved ones is increasingly orchestrated across social media and email threads. Our sense of our self is deeply tied to the carefully curated images and posts that we upload onto the internet. We track our friend’s adventures through Facebook and Instagram, and slowly but surely we’ve become disconnected and withdrawn from real connections and the intimacy that comes through shared time and experiences. Have we forgotten how to get intimate?

Intimacy is integral to our relationships — both sexual and platonic — and so it’s something we should try to build up. And there’s no more intimate activity to start with than a body-to-body massage. Alone with your beautiful masseuse, naked and without distractions, you’re drawn into a delectable space of bodily and emotional intimacy. As you open yourself up to pleasure, you also open yourself up to the intoxicating feeling of being close to another person.

Best of all, the effects of this openness extend far beyond your massage session. Many clients claim that they experience a heightened sense of intimacy with their loved ones and improved personal relationships after engaging in a body-to-body massage.

Explores Your Body

Our bodies are constantly under strain, with long commutes squished in like sardines on over-crowded trains, hours and hours hunched over our computers in uncomfy desk chairs and weekends slumped in front of the TV shovelling in takeaways and binge-watching the newest Netflix series. Over time, our bodies start to bear the brunt of our daily grind.

A body-to-body massage is a great way to reconnect with your body. As you lie back and experience the intoxicating sensations of another body stimulating your own, your attention is focused on your body and how it feels. It’s not uncommon for a client to become aware of previously undiagnosed problems with their posture or muscles in a body-to-body massage session. And the better we know our bodies, the better equipped we are to treat them.

As with other forms of massage, this kind has a whole host of wonderful health benefits that will make you feel better than ever.

Boosts Your Digestive System

Is your digestion slow and sluggish? Do you regularly suffer from bloating, gas and constipation? If the idea of snacking on kombucha, sauerkraut, and probiotic drinks makes your stomach churn, massage is a great alternative treatment that can cure your gut and give you back your vitality. The process of rolling, pulling, stretching and pinching helps to stimulate our digestive system and get everything moving (if you get our drift).

Realigns Your Posture

Whether you’ve got a crick in your neck from long hours sat in front of your computer or have developed an ungainly slouchy posture, massage is a fun and easy way of getting realigned. By stretching out your muscles and stimulating your bodily systems, a massage helps to get you standing tall (in more ways than one). You’ll leave feeling a foot taller and with your head held high.

Eases Sore Muscles

Have you got a sports injury or knotted muscles brought about by stress? A body-to-body massage is what you’ve been searching for. The tantalising pressure and kneading motion of the masseuse’s body helps to stimulate your circulation and blood flow to relieve pressure from your muscles, tendons and ligaments. After an hour, you’ll feel limbered up and more flexible. For an added bonus, the techniques used in this massage will reduce inflammation and stiffness, and boost your immune system so that you feel your very best.

Fires up Your Senses and Supercharges Your Sexuality

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence? Do you find it hard to get going? Sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing and difficult to talk about. But don’t resign yourself to a sexless life — a body-to-body massage might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Body-to-body massages are designed to tease and stimulate your pleasure points and erogenous zones. It’s both deeply sensual and unforgettably pleasurable. As the masseuse teases and titillates your most sensitive areas, you’re continually suspended at the brink of climax. This prolonged pleasure is proven to help with such problems as premature ejaculation and will help you to stay hard for longer.

Body-to-body massages also tackle the number one reason some of us fall short of stud-like status in the bedroom — stress. A staggering amount of people suffer from chronic stress, and that stress not only affects our physical health and emotional state, but it can also cause us to underperform in the bedroom.

Massage is a nurturing, healing and restorative practice that can work wonders, clearing the mind and reviving the senses. Improving your quality of sleep, decreasing levels of cortisol and soothing overworked minds, a body-to-body massage is a perfect primer for getting hot and heavy.


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