A First Time Client’s Guide To Tantric Massage Incalls


How to prepare for your first London erotic massage…

Doing anything for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, and being completely naked in front of a total stranger certainly ups the anxiety, so we’ve put together this guide to help your first tantric massage go off without a hitch and leave you grinning from ear to ear.


Do Your Homework

UK Massage Guide has literally thousands of beautiful massage therapists in London alone so browse the site and see who takes your fancy. You can filter by location, price, massage type, review ratings, plus many more option. So whether you’re a kinky tie and tease fan in Marylebone, or an amateur athlete in need of a deep tissue session in Mayfair, we can help you find exactly what you’ve been dreaming about.


Ask Questions

Is it okay to touch the masseuse (also known as mutual touch)? Can you extend your time if you get lost in the moment? Can we do this every Wednesday? Joking… sort of.

Get any questions out of the way early so that nothing can break the spell once your session begins.

If you’re an Access All Areas Member you can take advantage of our Private Message system and chat to your therapist right here on UKMg before meeting them. Alternatively you could ask them questions on the phone prior to your time together.


Make an Effort

A true tantric professional will always perform regardless of the state you arrive in, but you’ll feel pretty undesirable if you just rock up in your old gym gear. Dress as if you’re heading out on a date and when you arrive turn on the charm too. Your masseuse will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll immediately feel that extra spark of excitement because you feel good about yourself and the fun that’s about to unfold.


Pay Up

Self explanatory really. Get the business out of the way right at the start so you can both focus on the fun stuff.

The vast majority of adult massage providers take cash only, so do check in advance what the fee and payment method is, and have the money with you when you arrive. It’s also advisable to take a little extra cash in case you decide to indulge in additional services or hit it off so well you want to extend your time.


Take The Shower

Yes, even if you took one before you came out. The masseuse will be happier knowing you are squeaky clean (especially in this time of increased hygiene concerns for all), and it means you can emerge from the steam like a roman senator wrapped in a bath robe instead of struggling to pull your socks off in front of an effortlessly elegant glamazon who is kitted out in high heels and designer lingerie.


Go With The Flow

Your therapist may well ask you to lay face down to work on your back first; whilst this might not sound as much fun as being able to see everything that’s going on straight away, remember you’re not the expert here. You’ve got lots of time and your masseuse know exactly how to manage that time. So lay back and let her work her magic, because there’s no room for rushing in a true tantric massage.


Relax, Enjoy, Be Present

There truly is no other feeling like giving yourself over to a stunning and highly trained tantric masseuse so enjoy the moment. Real life can wait. As can business emails, so keep that phone in your pocket for the duration. You deserve some hassle-free time out so as to indulge in all the pleasures an erotic massage can give you.


Be Prepared

After the massage you’ll naturally be needing a shower to wash the massage oil from your body. Many massage therapists provide a small selection of toiletries for you to use, but if you want to go home smelling the same way as you left that morning it might be an idea to pack a few essentials of your own.


Based elsewhere in the UK?

Whilst London is undoubtably the hub of the UK tantric massage scene, if you happen to be based outside of the big smoke in Manchester, Birmingham, or another location, then you can also use our Location Search feature to see who’s available in your nearest city.